George Owen “Chips” Cronen, Jr.

August 13, 1949 – July 3, 2007

Faith, family, friends and fun were Chips Cronen’s life. At 3:15 p.m. on July 3, 2007, he was living his credo; biking from work to a granddaughter’s poolside birthday party. He never made it to his waiting family, as he was struck from behind by an inattentive driver. Chips was pronounced dead at the scene, and hundreds of hearts were irreparably broken at that instant. Lives changed forever by a driver who didn’t yield to a cyclist obeying every law.

In an effort to turn this tragedy into something positive, we have dedicated our focus to bicycle safety. “SHARE THE ROAD 4 CHIPS” is our battle cry, and we ask everyone to join the quest to ensure that this tragedy is never forced upon another family.

We ALL began our outdoor exploration as cyclists; learning to ride a bike was a proud and memorable accomplishment. Why is it that we forget these humble beginnings once we begin to drive?

Help us spread the message. TOGETHER we can heighten awareness and foster the changes needed to create a bicycle friendly community.

Knowledge and acceptance are key for a safer roadway. Let’s work together to make sure Chips’ death is the beginning of a better tomorrow for all.

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